Happy Fall All!
Meet me in Peterborough for
“Monadnock Literary Buzz,”
a multi-author, multi-genre book-signing event.
When: September 25th, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Where: Peterborough Community Center, 25 Elm Street.  This is a face mask required event.
More info: peterboroughpoetryproject.org/events.

*Sponsored by Peterborough Poetry Project, Peterborough Town Library, Toadstool Bookshops, and Monadnock Underground.

Who are the authors?

Lynn Burke (steamy romance)

Brian Campbell (mystery, sci-fi)
Anthony Caplan (science fiction & literary fiction)
William Doreski (poetry)
Alice Fogel (poetry)
Quell T. Fox (romance)
Shaylyn Romney Garrett (history, public affairs, politics)
Elizabeth Gauffreau (fiction & poetry)
Abbi Glines (romance)

Lila Grey (romance)
Meg Kearney (poetry/picture books)
Erin Lee/EL George (multiple genres)
Alyssa Lynn (romance and romantic suspense)
Howard Mansfield (history/architecture/preservation)
E.S. McMillan (romance/multi-genre)
Monadnock Underground (anthologies/memoir)
Aric H. Morrison (autobiography/self-motivation)
Jimmy Pappas (poetry/poetic non-fiction)
Alexandria Peary (poetry)
Peterborough Poetry Project (poetry)
Eric Pinder (children’s literature/non-fiction)
Rebecca Rule (children’s/humor)
Dan Szczesny (New Hampshire/history)
Dianalee Velie (poetry)



I met Rob in Gilmanton. He said his dad, an author, enjoyed hearing Rob read his own books back to him. What a great idea--to return a person's own stories to them, with love. Then Rob sent me this photo of him reading one of my books to his dad. Wow. #whyIwrite.


I'm a writer, storyteller, and purveyor of yankee humor based in Northwood, New Hampshire. Happily I travel to places where people like to hear funny stories and laugh together.  On we go.

If you'd like an inscribed and autographed copy, email rebeccarule@metrocast.net. Free shipping!

  • That Reminds Me of a FUNNY Story -- $19.95

  • Could Have Been Worse -- $15.95

  • Headin' for the Rhubarb -- $10.00

  • Sixty Years of Cuttin' the Cheese -- $12.00

  • N is for NH (an ABC book) -- $17.95

  • The Iciest Diciest Scariest Sled Ride Ever! (a picture book) -- $17.95


See Books page for details.


This book is a treat---hilarious stories, a how-to manual, yankee lingo, and her own story, told by a real yankee with solid maple credentials. It's a book to get you through a long New England winter, sipping slowly like hot cider. To use one of her own favorite expressions, it's a cockah!

Fred Marple, author of Welcome to Frost Heaves


You want to laugh? You will not be disappointed. This book is a hoot! There is a connection with yankee life that emerges here that is (dare I say it?) profound (there, I said it). Rebecca Rule rules! I am a fan. Big time.

Fritz Wetherbee, Writer/TV Producer


This is one of those books you put on the coffee table after you read it once, 'cause you know you're gonna wanna reread your favorite parts, and then it ends up stayin' there 'cause everyone wants to pick through it too.

PapaJoe Gaudet, NH's Itinerant Teller


Becky Rule's stories make you smile, chuckle and guffaw. I was unexpectedly touched by Becky's account of being a storyteller and the power of stories to affect lives, including her own.

Susan Poulin, author and creator of Ida LeClair, "the funniest woman in Maine"