So pleased we had a full house!

The winter season of 2020 got off to a rollicking good start with a program at the historic town hall in Tuftonboro, sponsored by the Friends of the Tuftonboro Library, for their annual meeting. They have a NEW library and soon will have their own spacious meeting room. But for now this gorgeous hall will do. How we laughed! Even when I screwed up the story about the kidleys.



If you're out and about in the Lakes Region on Thursday, January 16, round about 6:30, stop in at the Cornerhouse Inn for dinner and after-dinner stories told by me! This is part of the Cornerhouse's regular storytelling dinner series, which has been going on for THIRTY years. Great food, good company, lots of laughs.



That Reminds Me of a Funny Story


As a yankee storyteller, Rebecca Rule has traveled throughout New England, telling stories and gathering them. One story always leads to another...


At town halls, historical societies, churches, and senior centers, people have shared stories that connect them to this rocky old place we call home. They’ve shared stories of family, country living, adventures and misadventures, triumphs and “what the heck was that just happened?”


This book is a collection of best-of-the-best stories. It is also a memoir -- how she came to be a storyteller, why storytelling matters, and what she has learned about the craft in the hundreds of performances she has given. 


It’s a book full of characters, insight, heart, and good humor. Careful where you read it because you will be laughing out loud.​

This book is a treat---hilarious stories, a how-to manual, yankee lingo, and her own story, told by a real yankee with solid maple credentials. It's a book to get you through a long New England winter, sipping slowly like hot cider. To use one of her own favorite expressions, it's a cockah!

Fred Marple, author of Welcome to Frost Heaves


You want to laugh? You will not be disappointed. This book is a hoot! There is a connection with yankee life that emerges here that is (dare I say it?) profound (there, I said it). Rebecca Rule rules! I am a fan. Big time.

Fritz Wetherbee, Writer/TV Producer


This is one of those books you put on the coffee table after you read it once, 'cause you know you're gonna wanna reread your favorite parts, and then it ends up stayin' there 'cause everyone wants to pick through it too.

PapaJoe Gaudet, NH's Itinerant Teller


Becky Rule's stories make you smile, chuckle and guffaw. I was unexpectedly touched by Becky's account of being a storyteller and the power of stories to affect lives, including her own.

Susan Poulin, author and creator of Ida LeClair, "the funniest woman in Maine"