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To buy books with a credit card, click on any cover below and you'll find descriptions. Click again on the cover of the book you want and you'll be transported to (1) MainStreet Bookends website where Katharine will take care of your order;  or (2) for "Sixty Years of Cuttin' the Cheese" you'll wind up at the Calef's Country Store website where you can buy cheese and sundries as well as books. 


If you'd like a touching personal inscription, shoot me an email:



Tell me which books you'd like, who the book is for, anything special you'd like the inscription to say. It will be my pleasure to write a little note and sign the book.

I'll send the books our pronto along with an invoice.

Free shipping (if you order directly from me--but you will have to pay by check instead of card)!

As my friend Joel Sherburne says, "Whatever floats your boat."

Done and done.